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Dive into comprehensive education and practical training. From business principles to marketing, finance, and communication, we prepare you for success in the corporate world

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This course will teach you the fundamentals of marketing, the marketing mix, and how to put them into practice in your business. You’ll be able to conduct market research, build  a customer journey from discovery to purchase, and understand why it is important to effective marketing campaigns.


In this course, participants will learn Excel fundamentals as well as how to enhance their skills at a basic level. Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and best practice tips you need to get the basics done in Excel easily and efficiently.


You’ll learn how to create accounts, organize records, record transactions, reconcile accounts, and other core software skills you’ll need to manage a small business. With our QuickBooks training, you will learn small business accounting and how to use QuickBooks.


This course provides basic skills for enabling business owners to engage and improve their digital skills. This is specifically designed to equip SMEs with the necessary digital skills to grow their business online. 


Explore programs in fields like Healthcare Assistant, Recreational Therapy, Mental Health & Addictions.


Equip yourself with practical skills to nurture young minds in childcare centers and preschools.


Craft impactful designs and explore composition to develop your artistic eye in visual communication.

Business & Tech

Master essential skills in accounting, marketing, office administration, and digital skills.

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