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Unleash your creativity and dive into the dynamic world of visual storytelling. Our Creative Media Arts Program is your gateway to mastering photography, video editing, cinematography, and motion graphics.

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Being able to creatively present or project visuals or transmit certain messages in a way that it communicates its meaning in text or pictures is refereed to as Graphics Design. In this program you will learn how to apply visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, use typography and images to communicate your ideas to users while focusing on the logic of displaying components in a unique and  interactive to optimize the user experience.


This course will help you understand images and image quality, camera settings, resolution, light and composition and the different camera types. You will learn how to raise your awareness of the possibilities for taking great photos, as well as learn how to take great pictures in any environment.


In this course, you will learn how to create professional lighting for any environment or scenario. You will also learn how to handle the camera while shooting landscapes, architectures, and people like a professional.


In this course, you will master After Effects and learn animation principles. You would learn how to use After Effects to create professional and stunning animations for your clients as a freelancer, or for your company as a Motion Designer.


The course focuses on editing theory, techniques, and the fundamentals of video editing. This class combines demonstrations and hands-on practice to introduce you to video editing software so that you can edit, organize, and export a video that looks fantastic!

As part of the curriculum, students would edit a variety of projects using footage provided in class.


As part of this course, you will learn about the techniques and applications of recording, editing and mixing of digitally produced sound on personal computers. You will also learn how to edit and mix radio/audio projects creatively, as well as how to operate sound production equipment on-location or in a post-production studio.



Explore programs in fields like Healthcare Assistant, Recreational Therapy, Mental Health & Addictions.


Equip yourself with practical skills to nurture young minds in childcare centers and preschools.


Craft impactful designs and explore composition to develop your artistic eye in visual communication.

Business & Tech

Master essential skills in accounting, marketing, office administration, and digital skills.

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